My section of the “MOONDOG” Live Mural art collab at Altered States ~ Tree Spirit outdoor festival in Paarl

photo credit © Amiena Davids


Anwar Davids is a Creative from Cape Town, South Africa (born on the Cap Flats), a place full of colour and challenges. Since an early age he always found art interesting and felt the need to express himself. His fascinations with graffiti on walls lead him to studying Graphic Design. It was at Cape College where he was influenced by Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Art. His style of work is merely experimental which allows him to challenge himself to be more creative. Past experiences and current affairs has a major influence in most of his current illustrations. Every day he is inspired to create artworks that express his passion. Group Exhibitions: Exhibited Digital Art at A Happy Place Creation in 2010 Exhibited Fine Art Illustrations for CORE Mixed Media Exhibition at Museum Gallery in 2012 Exhibited Fine Art Illustrations at Hip Hop Expressions in 2012 Live Art: Collaborated with CORE artists for ART WALK 2012 as part of the Cape Town Creative week Did a Live art piece for Supremebeing Clothing label in Kloof street, Cape Town in 2012 Exhibited in Denmark at the Modestedet Mollegade 20 x 20 International Group Exhibition in 2013 Live Art: Collaborated with CORE Artists on Human Rights Day as part of the Cape Town Festival 2013 Group Exhibition "THE SOCIETY" - a t-shirt exhibition at Boaston Society 2013 Group Exhibition "EROTICALS 3" at The Assembly 2013

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